5 Best Thermostat Options That Can Double as Wall Art

A peek at the five best thermostat products that look as good as they function.

Reprinted with permission by Electronic House
Written by Rachel Cericola • October 1, 2015

Sometimes you want technology to look as good as it functions. When it comes to the best thermostat, a lot of them… well, a lot of them aren’t very attractive. In most cases, this is the piece of the Electronic House that you really wouldn’t want to call attention to.

Well, times are changing—and so are the appearance of thermostats. The smart thermostat has paved the way for better features, but also better appearance from the actual product.

Some of the best thermostat options out now combine smart functionality with good looks. Of course, they need to be connected to the web. After all, the absolute best thermostat is a thermostat that can be accessed from anywhere! However, many of them also include stylish touchscreens that feature colors, easy-to-read data and even graphics to display weather conditions. Some even have the ability to show personal photos and slideshows right on the screen.

The actual exterior look of the thermostat is evolving as well. You no longer have to try to fit that rough-looking box into your very modern decor. Thermostats come in several shapes and sizes, with a style that’s as cool as its functionality. Let’s take a peek at five thermostats that you probably wouldn’t mind displaying on your wall.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

This whole good looking thermostat trend basically started with the Nest Thermostat ($249). Made by a few of the same people behind the iPod, this smart thermostat actually looks like one of those iDevices. It has a circular, super-cool look on the outside, with a click-wheel. It also has a 24-bit color, 320×320-pixel display, which can display the current temperature inside and out, as well as schedules and status. And let’s not forget that the thermostat is known for its learning features. It also works with a slew of other smart devices, thanks to the company’s Works with Nest program.

ecobee3 Thermostat


This smart thermostat is becoming an insanely popular Nest alternative. Not only does the ecobee3 ($229) have a stylish, squarish shape, but the 3.5-inch full-color LCD touchscreen has a 320×480-pixel display that can deliver info about humidity and temperature for more than just one room. The actual thermostat has temperature, motion, proximity and humidity sensors. However, it also has the capability to read add-on sensors that are displayed in other rooms, allowing you to adjust the temperature based on the entire house and not just the space right around the thermostat.

Lyric Product Photography
Lyric Product Photography

Honeywell Lyric

This is another very circular thermostat option that offers access from near or afar. The Honeywell Lyric ($279) looks good on the wall, with a 3-inch (diameter) polished glass face and a 1-inch beveled depth. However, it also packs in all sorts of the high-tech goodies you’d want in a smart thermostat, such as motion and monthly reports, weather forecasts, and geo-fencing to regulate the temperature while you’re away. It even has a Fine Tune function, which factors indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and weather, to make the room as comfortable as possible.

CarrierCor Thermostat

Carrier Cor

The word “Cor” is Latin for heart, and Carrier designed this slick WiFi thermostat ($250) to be the heart of the smart home. The Carrier Cor is also quite the centerpiece, with a 3.5-inch color touchscreen, a built-in proximity sensor, on-screen prompts, energy reports, and remote control so you can tweak the temperature from across the couch or across the world. It also has options to help you create the most comfortable scenario, such as a 4-day weather forecast, a Vacation mode, and the smart setback option for picking the best temperature to maximum your comfort and energy savings simultaneously.

Lennox iComfort S30 Thermostat

Lennox iComfort S30

If you’re addicted to your tablet (it’s okay, you can admit it), this may be the perfect thermostat for you. The Lennox iComfort S30 looks like a tablet, with a nice big screen that can display the indoor temperature and your local 7-day weather forecast. It even has animated screensavers, which use that 7-inch HD color touchscreen to deliver graphics about outdoor conditions. Of course, it has plenty of other perks, including learning features, geo-fencing, and the ability to monitor air quality and pollen levels.