5 Ways to Hide Speakers

Everyone enjoys listening to music in the house, but not everyone likes the look of traditional loudspeakers

Everyone enjoys listening to music in the house, but not everyone likes the look of traditional loudspeakers. While some companies have gone to great lengths to make home speakers looks beautiful and even artistic, other companies have developed smart ways to hide speakers and reduce their size so that any room can have great sound without the speakers being seen.

Here are five of the most popular ways to hide speakers in your house:

In wall:

Sonance LCR1 In Wall SpeakerThe most common way to get speakers off the floor and essentially out of sight is to install them in the walls of the room. This requires cutting holes into the walls and having a professional run wires inside the walls from an amplifier to the speakers. New designs have resulted in extremely good sounding in-wall speakers that are easy to install. In most cases the speaker grills can be painted the same color as the wall to make them almost disappear.

In ceiling:

Sonance SUR5S In-Ceiling SpeakerJust like in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers get installed, but in this case, they’re even more hidden by being above your head. Just because they’re higher than your ears doesn’t mean they don’t sound good. Quality in-ceiling speakers are designed to project the sound to the listeners, while staying nearly out of sight. Both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be used for home theater, stereo and even outdoor listening.

In cabinet:

Sonance LCR1 Cabinet SpeakerIf you prefer the sound of more traditionally designed speakers, or you don’t want to install anything permanent in your walls or ceilings, consider in-cabinet designs. The speakers can be hidden in special cabinets behind acoustically-transparent fabric to keep them out of sight, but easily accessible.

Flush/invisible speakers:

Some in-wall speakers literally go in the walls and even can be plastered over. These invisible speakers have no discernible edge or grill when properly installed and painted.

Behind acoustic fabric:

Cabinet Acoustic FabricIf you are having a custom room built, such as a home theater, consider using false walls made of acoustically-transparent fabric. Very large speakers can be hidden behind fabric walls without sacrificing any audio quality. Some designers also install LED lights behind the fabric to make the speakers glow behind the walls when the owners choose to show them off and reveal the magic.

Don’t forget subwoofers:

Sonance VP10SUB In-Wall SubwooferJust like regular stereo speakers, subwoofers also can be hidden. Skilled professionals can install specially-designed subwoofers in ceilings, walls or cabinets to insure you get all the bass you need without losing any valuable space.