Beale Street In-ceiling Home Subwoofer Rocks the Room Without Wrecking It

If you’re worried that an in-ceiling sub will damage your ceiling, then check out these new Beale Street home subwoofers.

Reprinted with permission by Electronic House
Written by Grant Clauser of Electronic House • March 2, 2015

Beale ICS6-MB-3Q subwooferIf you need a home subwoofer, but don’t want anyone to trip over it or even see it in your home theater room, then you need an in-ceiling subwoofer. A new home subwoofer from Beale Street Audio installs in your ceiling, but won’t shake the light fixtures loose as it plays.

That’s because this new in-ceiling home subwoofer uses Beale Street Audio’s Sonic Vortex Technology to reduce motion while still producing a room full of tight, powerful bass. Sonic Vortex isn’t something the company borrowed from Doctor Who–the technology moves air more efficiently through multiple cabinet ports in the subwoofer’s Sonic Vortex enclosure, all without a back box.

This technology is now available on two Beale Street subwoofers the models ICS6 and ICS8 with new 6.5 and 8-inch drivers. The two new subwoofers use rigid Kevlar woofer material and a butyl rubber surround that delivers balanced performance, even when listeners are off-axis.

Why is more efficient motion important in an in-ceiling subwoofer? Subwoofers are pretty energetic speakers, and in-ceiling ones can, in theory, be a little hard on the drywall or plaster they’re installed in. Creating a more efficient port design, which reduces the motion and vibration created by the low frequency signals, should overall be better for your ceiling.

“I’ve seen in-ceiling subwoofers literally crumble drywall during movie scenes with heavy and rapid low frequency effects, due to the excessive motion of the driver,” said Jim Murray, founder of Beale Street Audio. “By controlling the speed and motion of air through a speaker enclosure, we found that you can create incredibly powerful and articulate bass without requiring movement that can damage its surroundings”

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