Home Audio/Video: Anywhere and Everywhere

In movies characters are always leaping out of bed, roused into action by “Old Time Rock and Roll,” “The Final Countdown,” or “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” They shower, dress, make breakfast, and slide around their entire house in socks on hardwood floors, all to the same song.

Now imagine that you could live that exact same experience.

With whole house audio distribution, you can turn that fantasy into a reality. Even better, video distribution can be set up along with the audio so no longer do you have to stop watching the game or your favorite show as you move from room to room.

Hidden from view, but easy to use:

Distributed Audio Video

Audio/video distribution can be installed in such a way that wires, amplifiers, and receivers will be hidden from view, as if simply having audio and video throughout the entire house wasn’t good enough. Many people think that such a setup is a luxury well beyond their pay grade, but these days it can actually be done for less than you’d think.

Such a system only requires one main component that can be hidden in a closet with ease. The only thing visible to anyone other than Superman will be TVs and in ceiling or in wall speakers that can be easily concealed by the décor.

Luckily that won’t mean that anyone who wants to put in a new CD, DVD, or Blu-ray will have to trek through the entire house to the central console. A second blu-ray player or a third cd player, whatever is needed, can be added to the system in various rooms, and they’ll be able to distribute their media all over the house, as well.

Control from all over the house:

Smart Home Technology

We live in a world of abundance smart devices. Smartphones and tablets are thus the best option for whole house A/V control. With one simple device it is possible to connect an iPad, iPhone, or something of the like to your TV, sound system, and more. To streamline the process of accessing the sound, the DVR, and the television all that is required is one of many apps that will turn a smart device into a universal remote.

Another option is to install a music management system, which can make it ridiculously easy to store and play gigabytes of music. This will almost literally turn your home into a smart media streaming system, complete with a user-friendly touchscreen that will allow you to sift through your stored files.

Customization for your needs:

If you don’t anticipate needing to play two different things at the same time, then you’ll only need one audio distribution amplifier/receiver to play audio all over the house. Want more capability and various zones where two different media can be shared in multiple rooms? Multi-room audio distribution can also be split by using either two amps/receivers or one that can handle two signals.

Kids getting ready for school upstairs with their favorite morning mix while mom or dad moves between the office and the kitchen to the tune of something more soothing? No problem. One group of friends trying to use the home theater while another jams out while on dinner-duty? No problem.

Get ready to live like a movie star in—and all over—your own home.