Sony’s New Strategy

Will Sony be the new standard for high end TV displays?
Are they going to be the new Pioneer Elite we all miss?

Sony has come up with a new strategy: to make their televisions better than anyone else’s and to make them premium only, while concentrating on a smaller product line. Although bedroom and kitchen televisions are no longer in their lineup, the TVs for the home theater and living room will be top notch.

Sony has created new technology they call Slim Backlight Drive. This is an edge-mounted grid array back-light system that offers more precise local dimming, FALD (full-array local dimming) direct LED back-lights were previously the only way to achieve this, and directs light to specific zones better than edge-lit TVs. The LCD panels contain two rows of edge-mounted LED modules stacked along the sides, and for each LED module, there are separate light guide plates.

Sony TV with Slim Backlight Drive
“Slim Backlight Drive, combined with Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO contrast-enhancing technology and wide color gamut TRILUMINOS™ Display technology, delivers brighter highlights, deeper blacks and more brilliant colors.”