Take Your Gaming To A Whole New Level

Shall We Play a Game?

Reprinted with permission by Weld2
Written by ABC Audio Video • September 29, 2015

Girls playing a game
What’s up? Well, the 2015 E3 show came and went this summer. As usual, there are a slew of home entertainment options that will keep gamers up past their bedtime, no matter when that may be. Have an early meeting? Better hope it’s not with an important client, because you’ll have to pry the controller out of your hand and hit the rack.

It’s a fact, gaming isn’t just for the hard core or pimply faced dude any longer. In fact, there’s a strong chance your family’s gamer may not even be a dude! Consoles aim to become the home entertainment source moving forward. With the ability to play games, stream all manner of media, and use a plethora of apps, they’re staking a pretty strong claim. How strong?

According to the Entertainment Industry Software Association, the average gamer in 2015 is 35 years young and 41% likely to be female. Perhaps even more surprising is that the average female gamer is significantly older than her male counterpart, at 43! Hey mom, pass the controller! 42% of all Americans spend at least 3 hours a week madly tapping buttons and screaming at their screens.

How to Make Gaming an Even More Incredible Experience

So, how can you make Madden, Minecraft, or Call of Duty even more exciting and engaging? Plumb it to a surround sound system, of course! Game developers leave no stones unturned when it comes to making their games immersive.

Although Minecraft’s success proves gaming isn’t all about graphics quality, it’s somewhat of an anomaly. Anyone with their console hooked to a large flat panel or projector knows how incredible the best game graphics are. It’s easy to mistake Tiger Woods on the imaginary green for the real thing.

What fewer know is that said developers spend millions on the audio portion of their creations to help suck you right into the middle of their world. It’s really quite incredible. They invest as much in game audio as the producers of Hollywood blockbuster films invest into their sound tracks. It would be a shame to let that go to waste….

The sound quality brings realism to new levels, when connected to a nice surround sound system. The impact a good subwoofer adds to your gaming experience must be felt to be appreciated! It’s that good, really! If you want to hear opponents sneaking up behind you from, well, behind you, surround sound is the only way to go.

Considering that industry stats show 54% of those with gaming consoles use them to watch movies, perhaps it’s not such a stretch to consider marrying surround sound and gaming consoles. If all you use it for is enhancing your movies experience though, you’re leaving plenty of goosebumps on the table! Don’t let game developers’ sound track efforts be in vain. You’ll be missing the boat.

What About the Latest Developments? Virtual Reality, Anyone?

So, what was unveiled at this year’s E3? For years the buzz has been on virtual reality (VR) gaming, and so it was again. Occulus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus were there again, and demos were hot. Unfortunately for those expecting 2015 to finally be THE year, VR gaming is for the most part still relegated to developer labs. Next year, perhaps?

You Can Play Both, At Last!

One important announcement for Microsoft for XBOX One owners: Your XBOX One will be backward compatible with xBox 360 games. No more keeping two consoles so you can play some of your favorite games. It’s finally time to run the old 360 up to the vacation house.

Speaking of Microsoft, the Redmond Boyz say Halo 6 is in the serious planning stages, so get those thumbs ready! Finally, if you’ve been complaining Madden 16 just doesn’t look real enough, EA just released a patch to update some 180 players’ faces, increasing realism and updating their appearance. For example, Chargers’ Pro Bowl safety Eric Weddel now has the same James Harden like facial growth he shows in real life.

If you really want to get in the game, call 800.468.9418. You can barely imagine what you’ve been missing if your gaming has been limited to that old 42” set with the tiny speakers in the playroom.