The Best in HiFi Home Audio: Sunfire XTEQ Subwoofer Series

Straight From NYC’s CE Week, 2015

Prepare yourself. Both for the power of these subwoofers and for some technical hi-fi audio language. While I was at CE Week 2015 in New York City, looking around at the newest in speakers and sound equipment, I had the pleasure to investigate some of the most impressive subwoofers on the market, the Sunfire XTEQ series.

These subwoofers are absolute monsters. A great addition to add incredible volume to any theater room sound system, it is nevertheless clear that Sunfire’s is also focused on pristine audio quality. Check out the specs of these subs below:

Small Sunfire-XTEQ-subwooferCabinets with Huge Bass—Perfect For Home Audio

Most people that have home theater systems are of the impression that bigger is better when it comes to speakers. At 8”, 10”, and 12” the XTEQ Subwoofer Series disagrees. And it disagrees with the overwhelming strength of as much as 3,000 watts of bass. They’re so compact that, while some people may come to scoff, they’ll stay to be blown away.

One of the most amazing things about these subwoofers is that they are so ridiculously small for the amount of sound that they can generate. Each component is housed in cabinets only slightly bigger than the woofer, itself; the 12” is only 13.5 inches long on all three sides. Even the phrase “the best things come in small packages” isn’t enough to describe the ratio of size to packed-punch.

The Technical Aspect of Surround Sound

The capabilities of the XTEQ Series are where I’m really wowed, and I’ll do my best to translate for anyone unfamiliar with technical terms. Each subwoofer comes with a tracking down converter amplifier, which essentially saves you power while simultaneously keeping the equipment cool without the need for a heat sink.

The Series also feature long throw, high back-electromotive force drivers and a fully automatic room equalizer, parts that work together to effortlessly match the needs of your room by evenly distributing the sound across it and automatically integrating the subs into your audio system. They do so without deafening people that are close or creating excessive reverb off of the walls, which is always a concern with speakers of this magnitude.

Top Notch Audiophile-Audio Speakers

As I said, Sunfire promises only the best quality audio, Sunfire-XTEQ-subwoofer-rearand they assuredly deliver. They incorporated advanced auto turn-on circuitry, gold plated connectors, soft clipping circuit technology, and Anti-Walking Tread Design Feet™, all to keep your movie or album sounding like it does in the recording studio, and preventing your subwoofer from taking a walk around the room.

Needless to say, I was mightily impressed by Sunfire, and happy to finally see the subwoofers in action. They are listed between $1,500-$2,000, depending on the size, which is an absolute bargain in comparison to speakers by other companies that generally need to be much, much bigger in order to attain the same level of output. Want more information? Check them out on Sunfire’s website.